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Forum Thread: Will You Also Fail This Test??

Your companions will dependably miss the point! Attempt to finish this Google Image Challege test… it is INCREDIBLE! How does everyone fall flat this test? I don't see how it is possible. It would be ideal if you let me know whether you discover somebody who gets it 100% right. That individual would be a genius. Check It Now and Let me Know In the comment section below.

Forum Thread: The Phantom of the Opera London

The new Her Majesty's Theatre, designed by C J Phipps, opened in 1897 with Gilbert Parker's Seats of the Mighty. During his 18 years of management, Tree established the building as a playhouse with more than 46 of his own productions, including Shakespeare, adaptations of novels and melodramas including Oliver Twist (1905) with Tree as Fagina and Henry VIII (1910) starring Arthur Boucher and Violet Vanbrugh.

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